Alexander Millar

Alexander Millar

Born in 1960, Alexander Millar was brought up in Springside, just outside of Kilmarnock in Scotland. In 1976 he finished school and moved to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and it was here that he became acquainted with various characters that that he refers to in his work as 'Gadgies' - the Geordie word for a working man.

In 1988 he became a professional artist and used the local Tyneside 'gadgies' as models in his artwork. Alexander is completely self taught as an artist and his style is frequently likened to that of L.S. Lowry.

Brought up in a close-knit, traditional community in Kilmarnock, Alexander Millar spent his youth observing in a wry, contemplative way the old men with flat caps and formidible, strong women who ruled the roost. He knew their idiosyncrasies and their body language and it was this keen eye that helped him develop his talent as an artist. The gadgie, Millar's 'everyman' character, has led to more people being able to associate with his work. Collectors can reminisce as the figures in his artwork remind them of their Father, Grandfather, etc.

Alexander Millar starts his day at 9am and after having chosen a figure from his many sketches, he will then paint them as a dark silhouette onto the canvas. The figure is almost completed before Alexander starts on the background. He then layers the paint onto the background, usually starting with blue shades and layering warmer colours overthe top as he progresses. He will then leave a piece for about a week before removing some of the background colour and softening any harsh edges.

He's Fitba Crazy
By Alexander Millar

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