Doug Hyde

Doug Hyde

Voted the "most popular living artist in the UK" by BBC TV National news, Doug Hyde's international success has gone from strength to strength.

He was born in Bristol in 1972 and started painting at an early age, concentrating on the technical aspect of drawing and painting at college. In 2002 he was painting for friends and family and by 2005 he was painting professionally, winning an award for Best Selling Published Artist at the Fine Art Trade Guild Awards.

A typical day for Doug Hyde usually starts by being woken up by his children at around 6am followed by a family breakfast. At around 9.30am he will begin work in his studio, referring to his 'ideas box' (a collection of drawings/scribblings noted down on pieces of paper) for inspiration. Doug likes to work in pastel and likes to work on a large scale and with plenty of space to allow him the physical freedom to express his creative energy through his artwork.

Despite his phenomenal success, Doug Hyde has never lost touch with reality. He still continues to create work which is inspired by his friends and family and is reflective of his optimism and enthusiasm for life.

Daisy Trail Sculpture
By Doug Hyde

Daisy Trail Sculpture by Doug Hyde - Free UK delivery from Heart Galleries


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12.00 x 10.00 inches


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