Keith Proctor

Keith Proctor

Keith Proctor is a self-taught artist from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne who has been inspired and encouraged by his Father who was also an artist. He also gets great inspiration from his young son Jack.

His current style is an emotive and nostalgic study of children at play and many of his paintings are taken from snapshots of his son which give the collector a glimpse into a world of innocence.

The canvas depictions of Jack, who sports his trademark vest, mid-length trousers, boots and flat cap, and his young friends are warm and honest in tone. With no background detail to distract the eye away from the children, the paintings offer a touching portrayal of the children. We only see a glimpse of their faces - never their full features. It means we can only guess at their expressions, but it is this ambiguility taht enables us to connect more deeply with the paintings. The anonymity helps because people can relate to the pieces more, seeing themselves as children or their own children or grandchildren in the paintings. They can tell their own stories when they look at the paintings and relive happy memories of their own childhood.

Keith Proctor paints in oils, starting with a charcoal sketch and ensuring that the balance and composition are right before he starts painting. Keith always works with a mirror behind him so that he can look over his shoulder and check his progress at different angles.

Small Talk
By Keith Proctor

Small Talk by Keith Proctor - Free UK Delivery from Heart Galleries


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