Peter J Rodgers

Peter J Rodgers

Peter’s powerful and evocative paintings present a world filled with reflections and shadows.

His distinctive style brings to life cities ranging from New York to Newcastle with a population of rain-swept, umbrella toting figures hurrying along slick pavements which reflect the lights of the city back out of the canvas.

Water also features in his other work most notably his paintings of transatlantic liners which are inspired by memories of childhood visits to Newcastle Quayside with his father.

On medium Peter says:
“Watercolour is my favourite medium, although perhaps unusually I prefer to use strong, bold colours. I find it a more exciting and less predictable medium than others. It lends itself to the subjects I paint with its fluidity and transparent qualities making it ideal for rainy streets and dark reflections. Atmosphere is hugely important to me and watercolours allow me to create the mood I’m looking for”



Shadows on the Square
By Peter J Rodgers

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