Anna Pugh

Anna Pugh

Anna Pugh was born in 1938 and is now one of the leading British folk artists. Her paintings and limited edition prints are in the collections of many British and European art collectors. Anna Pugh prints have also proved very popular with many American art collectors, who have a long tradition of appreciating Anna's style of art. The result is that demand from art collectors outstrips supply.

Anna Pugh has obvious empathy with the countryside, and with dogs and plants in particular. The combination of these elements are frequently represented in her paintings and limited edition prints where Anna's talent as a storyteller is evident.

Anna Pugh paintings and prints display touches of the surreal. Few British artists equal her ability to record natural phenomena and to invigorate it with such persuasive illusion. Her Limited Edition Prints have the freshness and irreverent vitality of life lived close to nature. They are prints that people enjoy living with, recording the countryside; the flora and fauna and the changing seasons.

Anna Pugh Limited Edition Prints display an almost dreamlike quality with many of her prints featuring images of figures and birds floating above intriguing scenes below. From above we are invited into a quirky and colourful world where security and fun are paramount coupled with a strong sense of the past


By Anna Pugh

'Weatherman' limited edition print by Anna Pugh - Free UK Delivery from Heart Galleries


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17.75 x 21.75 inches


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