Paul Horton

Paul Horton

The diverse and uniquely talented PAUL HORTON grew up in Birmingham and draws upon his memories and surroundings to give him his source of inspiration.

Paul studied at Bournville School of Art and specialised in the history of art and life drawing. In 1997 he turned professional and began to dedicate all of his time and energy into his art. In 1998 Paul held a major one man exhibition entitled 'All in a Life's Work' where rock star Steve Harley played. Steve's music has greatly influenced Paul Hortons work with Paul saying that he has been greatly inspired by Steve's words and music.

Pauls colourful and thought provoking characters range from The Journeyman (which was the title of his very first piece) to The Lovers and The Man of Mystery to name but a few. His work exudes an innocent and timeless feel and has the ability to draw people into his world with their own imagination. Paul says that he wants to take people on a journey with him rather than paint just for himself. He enjoys telling a story through his artwork and allows people to draw their own conclusion as to how the story ends. 'That's the fun of it'.

A typical day for Paul Horton will mean arriving at his studio at around 6.30am with a strong cup of coffee. He can often spend long hours working on his pieces, with his music playing for inspiration. He sets himself targets in order to ensure that he keeps up with the demand for his work.

Where Time Stands Still
By Paul Horton

Where Time Stands Still by Paul Horton - Free UK delivery from Heart Galleries


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