John Waterhouse

John Waterhouse

John Waterhouse was born in 1967 angrew up in rural Staffordshire. It was growing up here that allowed him to appreciate the countryside and ultimately gave him the inspiration for his artwork.

John left school in 1983 after achieving a grade A in 'O' level art, and worked in a local warehouse although he always continued his artwork as a hobby. In 1994 he decided to take up art professionally and gave up his full time job, taking a part time one instead.

John Waterhouse is inspired by many things, from walking in the woodlands that surround his home to just watching people go about their day. Although John enjoys painting landscapes, he also enjoys painting people which he finds quite challenging.

Before John starts one of his pieces, he needs to get the composition just right and and does this by referring to photographs or producing watercolour sketches or detailed scaled drawings. He works mainly in oil and some of his pieces can take weeks to complete dependant upon the detail involved.

Blossoming Dreams
By John Waterhouse

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