Paul Kenton

Paul Kenton

Paul Kenton was born in Derby and moved to Devon when he was eight years old with his parents and it was growing up here in Devon that gave Paul his greatest inspiration. He became a dedicated surfer and his passion for surfing took him around the world. It was whilst travelling that he found his second passion which was painting.

A keen surfer, Paul found himself greatly influenced by the ocean and its many moods. He enjoys the stark dichotomy between his city art and the day to day reality of life in Woolacombe Bay.

Paul Kenton works from his studio on several canvases at any one time and at 40 x 60 inches, thay are big pieces. Building up layers of paint is key to Kenton's artistic technique and he drips colour onto the canvases to create form until he achieves the atmosphere that he wants.

Whilst travelling with his Wfe Alex, Paul will take photographs and rough sketches of a particular land/city scape and then refer to them when he begins painting in order to rekindle emotions and feelings of a particular scene.

Above All
By Paul Kenton

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